The CAD/BIM specialization aims to let students master modeling skill and apply it in the real world.


There are four courses:

3D CAD Fundamental, 3D CAD Application, BIM fundamental, BIM application.

After finishing the courses, students will be able to master 3D modeling in SketchUp and Autodesk Revit, use professional drawings to plot their ideas, learn the most advanced BIM skills and become an in demand professional in engineering in the future.


Professor of Department of Civil Engineering

3 textbooks

60+ papers

8-year teaching experience in BIM

100000+ students on MOOCs

Professor of Department of Civil Engineering

2 textbooks

50+ papers

12-year teaching experience in CAD

40000+ students on Coursera 

Course Instruction

About Grading Policy

In these courses, you are expected to complete several quizzes and assignments. In order to pass these courses, your final grades need to be above 80%.

The final grade is composed of 50% of quizzes and 50% of assignments. Both must be above 80%.

About Certification

You will receive a certificate from National Taiwan University and OpenEdu once you meet all the following requirements by the end of the course:

  • Watching the course videos

  • Completing all the quizzes and assignments

  • Completing all the peer-to-peer assessments

  • Achieving the required grades


If you do not meet any of the requirements, you can still complete the course but without receiving any certificate. When the end time of the session expires, the course will be automatically changed to a self-paced learning mode.


If you want to register for a new session of the same course, you must unenroll the current session and register to the next one. The quizzes and assignments you have done in the past will not remain to the new session.

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